Zone Defense 7" Touch Screen Monitor

Zone Defense 7" Touch Screen Monitor
    Code: M-302Q
    Price: $385.00
    Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds
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    The Zone Defense 7” quad touchscreen monitor is a stand-alone monitor. This monitor has very clear, crisp image quality. The image can be adjusted for horizontal, vertical, mirror and normal viewing. The M-302Q has a rubberized coating for commercial use. This monitor also has a backup distance grid which is activated by the rear camera’s reverse trigger. The touch screen makes this monitor easy to use.


    • Operates on 12v DC up to 32v DC
    • Built-in triggers allow for automatic switching to reverse, left, or right-side camera views without additional hardware requirements (when multiple cameras are connected)
    • Supports 4 A/V inputs, 1 video output, 1 audio output 
    • Multiple language displays available
    • Multiple video formats available (NTSC/PAL/Auto)
    • Operates on 12v DC up to 24v DC