Voyager Digital Wireless Auto-Pairing Add-on Camera System

Voyager Digital Wireless Auto-Pairing Add-on Camera System
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    Comments by RV Cams......

    This is the best-performing wireless system that we've seen, but since it is wireless, you can expect that it may occasionally (I expect rarely) encounter an interruption in the signal. We evaluated it for a considerable amount of time and found the performance to be impressive. But...... our biggest concern is that the camera has a relatively narrow field of view (137-degrees diagonal) when compared to Voyager's hardwired cameras (150-degrees diagonal). That's an attribute that you need to consider: You will be trading a smaller field of view for the convenience of wireless. This system is also being sold as model WVRXCAM1 by other Voyager distributors.

    The Digital Wireless Add-On Camera System featuring WiSightTM technology far exceeds the performance of any analog wireless observation system on the market. WiSightTM technology digitally locks the Voyager® camera to its receiver so it only communicates with that receiver, ignoring outside signals, eliminating interference. WiSightTM technology is strong enough to travel through and around objects and works on vehicles 60+ feet in length, a significantly longer distance than wireless analog systems. 

    The receiver is literally a plug-and-play add-on to a Monitor that uses Voyager CEC-type camera inputs. The CEC connector is easily identifiable in the photo above. if your monitor uses a different type of connector, please contact us for assistance or purchase adapter# 31300006 listed among the "Related Items" at the bottom of this page.

    You will need to supply 12 volts and ground to the rear camera. The simplest source for picking up power/ground will be to tap into the vehicle's overhead marker lights. Obviously this will require that you travel with your lights turned on, but that's really not a bad practice anyway. 

    WVRX130AP Digital Wireless Add-On System Includes:
    - WVRX1 Digital Wireless Receiver Box
    - VCMS130AP Super CMOS Auto-Pairing camera with integrated wireless transmitter
    - Stainless steel hardware
    - Non-corrosive camera mounting bracket

    VCMS130AP Super CMOS Auto-Pairing Wireless Camera
    - High performance color optics
    - Waterproof (IP69K)
    - 10-14 Volt/300mA DC Power
    - 0 Lux
    - Viewing angle (Degrees) : D 137 / H 100 / V 74
    - Machined aluminum body
    - Excellent low light and high bright environment performance
    - 14 IR LEDs
    - Overall Dimensions 3.36"W x 3.35"H x 2.35D"

    Note: This item has also been sold as model# WVRXCAMTC and WVRXCAM1