FACTORY REMANUFACTURED Voyager VCMS140I Heavy-Duty Surface-Mount Camera

FACTORY REMANUFACTURED Voyager VCMS140I Heavy-Duty Surface-Mount Camera
    Code: VCMS140i-RM
    Price: $120.00
    Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
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    The VCMS140I-RM and VCMS140iB (black finish)  is a factory remanufactured compact, heavy duty, surface mount camera that provides a clear, color picture. The dimensions of this camera are 2½ inches wide x 1 1/8 inches tall x 1 3/8 inches deep. The VCMS140I-RM was created with the service truck in mind, but its uses are not limited to these types of vehicles. This camera has 6 IR lights for low light capability and a microphone so the ground guide can use voice commands to communicate commands to the driver. This compact camera provides the BIG picture to enhance driver safety.

     These cameras were originally offered with either a white finish or a black finish. The white ones have been discontinued by the manufacturer. We have exhausted our supply. The black versions are still an active and available item. 


    • High performance color optics
    • Waterproof (IP69K)
    • Impact resistant aluminum housing
    • Compact size
    • IR low light assist
    • Microphone Surface mount
    • CMOS technology
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Available in white (VCMS140I-RM)