Kit to Replace Obsolete TripleVision M-70 Monitor

Kit to Replace Obsolete TripleVision M-70 Monitor
    Code: M-70-Kit
    Price: $471.82
    Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds
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    This kit allows a new robust and high-performing Voyager color three-channel LCD monitor to mount and connect in place of the TripleVision M-70 Monitor. 

    This kit consists of a Voyager UPSVOM718 7" three-channel LCD monitor, voyager in-dash flush-mount kit and three custom cable adapters to allow the existing three TripleVision camera cables to plug into the new monitor's harness.  

    The flush-mount kit requires a hole 8.4"(W) x 5.8"(H). The total area covered is 9.8"W x 7"H 

    The new monitor is color but will work with existing black/white TripleVision cameras. The images however will be displayed as black/white unless the cameras are upgraded to color. Compatible color cameras are listed below as "related items".