Replacement MITO Perimeter View Camera Switcher

Replacement MITO Perimeter View Camera Switcher
    Code: 20-MVS6
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    Mito C-Storm Video Switch Control Module
    --Includes Harness #20-MVS6_Hrn
    --Includes 6 RCA video inputs: Left, Right, Rear Cameras, and then three auxiliary inputs.
    --VIDEO ONLY!........No Audio!!!!
    --Left, Right, and Rear cameras each have an individual trigger wire.
    --Switcher also has a pair of wires that can be used to manually toggle through each of the six individual channels. Empty (non-connected) inputs will be skipped in the toggle sequence.

    Replaces 20-VS-001 and 20-VS002 -- the notes below are only relevent if replacing an obsolete 20-VS-001 or 20-VS002 switcher:

    If replacing 20-VS-001, Installation will require that eight power/trigger wires be cut/spliced from the old harness to the new harness. The old and new harnesses use the same color coding. However, the old harness had a ninth wire -- a second ground wire -- this wire has no purpose with the new switcher and can be disregarded.

    If replacing 20-VS002, The existing 6-pin camera cables will need to be converted to RCA a/v connectors and then powered externally via 12 volts. 
    Replace with….
    ---20-MVS6 Switcher with RCA inputs
    ---20-MVS6 HRN – Harness for 20-MVS6 switcher
    ---20-DRN017A – 6-Pin to-RCA/a/v 12-volt adapter (three required)
    When wiring in place of the 20-VS002, disregard the old switcher's green wire. It will not be used with the new switcher. Also, disregard the new switcher's yellow and brown wires. All other wire colors match between the new and old switchers. The 20-VS002 was sometimes mated with a motorized-tilt rear camera. The new switcher does not have tilt capability. Therefore, if the vehicle had a tilt camera (which was very rare), it will no longer tilt with the new switcher.