Maxwell 12-Volt Medium-Duty ESM (Ultra-Capacitor Engine Start Module) #Ultra 31/900

Maxwell 12-Volt Medium-Duty ESM (Ultra-Capacitor Engine Start Module) #Ultra 31/900
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    Put an End to Jump-Starts with the UltraCapacitor ESM (Engine Start Module) from Maxwell!

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    You live in your truck, you work in your truck, but your batteries don’t always start your truck. In cold or freezing weather, after a night of running hotel loads on batteries, sitting in line at a weigh station with anti-idle laws, your batteries frequently do not have the power needed to start your engine.

    Don’t leave starting solely to batteries. The Engine Start Module from Maxwell Technologies will provide the power to crank your truck consistently, for the life of your truck.

    Add the Engine Start Module (or install it in place of a battery) to a Class 3-5 diesel truck for reliable starting from -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to +60°C).

    The Maxwell Engine Starting Module (ESM – Part #ESM-Ultra 31/900) -- also known as "The Blue Battery" -- looks a lot like a traditional battery, but there's nothing traditional inside of it. At the heart of the device is a bank of Maxwell's unique Ultra Capacitors and circuitry to allow them to be charged from your bank of lead-acid batteries.

    Once installed, the ESM becomes the sole source of energy to your starter motor. It has a third terminal atop it's case which allows it to be charged from your lead-acid battery bank – which retains all other electrical functions for your truck. The unique circuitry inside of the ESM allows it to be fully recharged (to ~15 volts) by your battery bank in 15 minutes – even when your lead-acid battery bank is partially depleted to ~9 volts. When your lead-acid batteries fall below 9 volts, the ESM can still crank the engine, but your engine computer won’t be functional.

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