Jensen InfraRed Repeater #IRPMRPT06

Jensen InfraRed Repeater #IRPMRPT06
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    Jensen IRPMRPT06 InfraRed Repeater

    This infrared repeater extension cable extends the infrared receiver eye of your AWM970, AWM975, DV2007, DV354, DV354M, DVDB01, DVDB01M or VR187 Stereo so that you may operate the unit via remote control from another area or room.The IREXT25, 25ft. extension cable, is required when mounting the infrared repeater more than 6ft. away.

    6' Infrared Repeater Extension. If the sensor will be mounted more than 6' from the radio, customer will also need the IREXT25 -- 25' extension for IRPMRPT06.

    - Compatible with the following JENSEN Stereos/DVD Players:
        - AWM970
        - AWM975
        - DV2007
        - DV354
        - DV354M
        - DVDB01
        - DVDBO1M
        - JDV8035
        - VR182
        - VR182G3
        - VR187
        - VR209B
        - VR209TPB
        - JRV210
        - JRV212T
        - DV2011