Heavy-Duty Trailer Disconnect Kit for RV Cams Color Systems

Heavy-Duty Trailer Disconnect Kit for RV Cams Color Systems
    Code: CH-HDD1
    Price: $116.87
    Shipping Weight: 6.00 pounds
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    for One Camera or Two Cameras:

    Heavy-Duty Trailer Disconnect Kit

    This kit consists of truck and trailer-mounted receptacles and a coiled umbilical that routes between the two receptacles. The receptacles have spring-loaded doors that close to shut out dirt and moisture when the umbilical is detached. The coiled cord stretches to 8+ feet and retracts to approximately 1 foot.

    The receptacles plug directly into the four-pin mini-din cables for the systems listed below, for a true plug-and-play installation.

    Compatible ONLY with the following models:

    • 56-CH

    • 56-CH
    • 56-CHNV
    • 56-CHSN
    • 68-CH
    • 68-CHNV
    • 70-CH
    • 70-CHNV
    • 70-CHSN
    • CH-Cam
    • CHNV-Cam
    • CICVH-Cam
    • CHSN-Cam

    Important Note: This system is only compatible with the systems listed above. Even though it uses the relatively common four-pin mini-din camera cables (also called "S-Video" cables), a lack of standardization in this industry has lead to a variety of wiring configurations. Since our manufacturing process combines certain conductors at the receptacles, the potential exists to destroy non-compatible cameras and monitors when attached to this kit.