WELDEX 7" Tri-View Tilt-Control Color Monitor

WELDEX 7" Tri-View Tilt-Control Color Monitor
    Code: WDRV-7063M-R
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    This Weldex 7” Color Tri-View monitor has three camera inputs with twist-lock connectors. Channel #2 accepts a WDRV-6260 cable for use with a motorized tilting rear camera. Channel 2 can also be used with a WDRV-6Pin/4Pin adapter to a WDRV-4260 cable for a stationary rear camera. Channels 1 and 3 use a Weldex 4pin twist-lock cable for stationary rear camera or side cameras.


    •High Resolution 7" TFT LCD Monitor
    •3 View Color Monitoring System
    •Wide Range Input Voltage (DC12V-32V)
    •Side Camera Image Automatically Displays when Turn Signal Is On
    •Distance Grid For Rear Camera Automatically Displayed When Gear Is In Reverse
    •Selectable Mirror Image Mode
    •Anti-Glare / Anti-Scratch Protective Lens and Sunshield (Option)
    •OSD For AV Source (Color, Brightness, Contrast, Tint & Volume Control)
    •NTSC and PAL Video Signal Compatible
    •Integrated Audio Speaker
    •Dimensions: 7.7”W x 5.7”H x 1.3”D
    •Auto Scan Function
    •Auto Power On

    This WDRV-7063M-R is a modified version of Weldex's standard WDRV-7063M...... We found in the standard version few quirks that we didn't care for. We wrote a set of specications and contracted with Weldex to create this modified version specifically for us. It is absolutely 100% compatible with the standard version, but is missing a few of the quirks that are still present in the standard version.