Kit to replace Sony Monitor

Kit to replace Sony Monitor
    Code: SSM-721AMR-KIT
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    This kit allows a Voyager 7" LCD to be mounted and connected in place of a Sony SSM721AMR.

    The kit includes:
    • Voyager Heavy-Duty Three-Channel 7" LCD monitor: This is actually a color monitor, but it will work fine with your black/white camera. If you would like to upgrade to a complete full-color Voyager system, see "SSC530AM-Kit-Color" listed below.
    • Adapter bracket: Allows the new monitor to mount in place of your old one, positioning the face of the new monitor where the face of the current monitor is located.
    • Cable adapters to allow the existing Sony camera-extension cable to plug into the new monitor, saving the trouble of running a new cable.
    Your power harness will need to be cut/spliced, but this is a very simple task: Just three wires that will need to be connected with butt splices ir wire nuts. We will provide a sheet that tells you which colors to match up.

    The new monitor is slightly smaller than the original one:
           SSM721AMR Dimensions ==8"W x 5.7"H x 8.7"D
           Voyager LCD Monitor Dimensions ==7.75"W x 5.25"H x 1.2"D