Voyager Heavy-Duty Trailer Disconnect

Voyager Heavy-Duty Trailer Disconnect
    Code: VOSBHC2K
    Price: $281.08
    Shipping Weight: 6.50 pounds
    Quantity in Basket: None
    2 Cams or 5 Cams?:

    The coiled section of this cable set expands up to 15' to attach to two receptacles (included) that are installed on your trailer and tow vehicle. The receptacles are equiped with spring-loaded doors that slam closed when the coiled cord is disconnected.

    The standard version of this heavy-duty coiled disconnect kit can handle the audio/video/power for two Voyager cameras. We also stock a five-camera version (+$77 upgrade), However...... The five-camera version does not handle the cameras' audio signals!

    The receptacles connect to standard Voyager 'CEC-type' cables. The CEC cables are not included and can be ordered separately below.

    Contact us if you need clarification regarding cable compatibility.

    The following components are included with each set:

        VOSBHC2K (2-Camera Capability) Includes:
        --- VOSBHC2F Bulkhead Receptacle
        --- VOSBHC2M Bulkhead Receptacle
        ---2615PH Coiled Umbilical

        VOSBHC5K (5-Camera Capability – NO AUDIO) Includes:
        --- VOSBHC5F Bulkhead Receptacle
        --- VOSBHC5M Bulkhead Receptacle
        ---2615PH Coiled Umbilical