Panavise Model 797-14 Uniflex Mount

Panavise Model 797-14 Uniflex Mount
    Code: PV-797-14
    Price: $39.34
    Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
    Quantity in Basket: None

    This mount gives you better adjustability, and has an AMPS-compatible Mounting Plate.

    • Overall mount length (including the shaft) is 14" (355.6mm)
    • Patented "pinch design" prevents the flex shaft from coming loose from the base or the mounting plate
    • Rectangular AMPS pattern: 30mm x 38mm (1.181" x 1.496") on center
    • We've added an adjusting point under the AMPS-compatible mounting plate with 210° Tilt, 360° Turn & 360° Rotation
    • Knob and set-screw adjusting options included
    • Double wound shaft, vinyl coated for heavy-duty protection
    • Base can be mounted vertically or horizontally; the shaft easily screws into either configuration
    • Screw caps included for a finished look