5.6" Color System with Audio & IR Night Vision and Trailer Disconnect Kit

5.6" Color System with Audio & IR Night Vision and Trailer Disconnect Kit
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    This is an awesome system!


    The camera:

    This system utilizes an awesome Camera! This camera uses a high-resolution (700 TV-line) Sony sensor and has the most intense Infra Red (night vision) I’ve ever seen on a backup camera. The manufacturer claims this camera’s IR has a zero-lux effective range of 10 meters (~30 feet), but it seems to be even better than that. By comparison, other IR Night Vision cameras typically have an effective range of three to five meters (~9-15 feet).


    But…. Not only does this camera have superior low-light imaging, it also has bright-light features that are normally found on only the most expensive surveillance cameras –

    ·        Automatic Backlight Compensation

    ·        Auto White Balance

    ·        Electronic Shuttering


    The result of all of this: A camera that will handle low light, bright light, and situations where both conditions are present simultaneously – such as when your viewing area is partly in the shade and partly in bright sunshine. Few cameras can handle such conditions, but this camera’s Sony 1/3” CCD image sensor excels in such conditions.


    The camera provides a reversed (mirrored image) and it is waterproof – to IP66 standards.

    The Monitor:

    The system includes a matching 5.6” high resolution LED-backlight LCD-TFT color monitor specifically designed for backup-camera service.


    The monitor has two inputs: Each input will connect directly to one of our “CH” or “CHNV” cameras via a four-pin mini-din connector. It also includes adapters to allow an aux A/V device to connect via female RCA jacks.


    The monitor also includes automatic reverse-light triggering. If the reverse-light trigger lead is connected, whenever you shift into reverse gear the monitor will:

    · Turn on, if it is not already ‘on’

    · Automatically switch to camera input #1, if it is not already set to input #1


    Some people choose not to connect the auto-reverse trigger because they don’t want to bother hunting down their vehicle’s reverse light circuit. The system will function just fine if the reverse-light signal wire is not connected.


    We also include a cigarette lighter power cord for those who don’t want to bother hooking up the standard wiring harness – just plug the cig cord into the lighter and plug the camera into the monitor and you’re done. But…. If you want to take advantage of the auto-reverse trigger, you will have to use the standard wiring harness.


    A versatile mounting bracket is also included. The bracket allows the monitor to be mounted on top of the dash, flush against the dash, or suspended from above. We also offer an optional Panavise windshield (suction cup) bracket – see the listing below.



    This system includes the CH-HDD1 Trailer Disconnect Kit.


    Everything necessary for a typical motorhome installation is included:

    • 5.6” LCD-TFT Monitor with LED Backlighting

    • CHNV Backup Camera

    • 25’ Four-pin cable to connect the monitor to the CH-HDD1M

    • 65’ Four-pin cable to connect the camera to the CH-HDD1F

    • Cigarette lighter power cord

    • Permanent wiring harness

    • Brackets and fasteners for camera and monitor

    • CH-HDD1 Trailer Disconnect Kit (CH-HDD1F, CH-HDD1M, and the 73920 coiled cable)

    For Complete System Specs CLICK HERE!