5.6" Color Backup Camera System with Audio

5.6" Color Backup Camera System with Audio
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    Complete Color backup video system includes:

    -- 5.6-inch Digital LED high-resolution color monitor. Monitor has two audio/video inputs and a versatile mounting bracket. The monitor has a super-crisp picture with an exceptionally bright display.

    -- The High Resolution reverse-image color camera has a 130-degree (diagonal) wide angle lens and 0.1-lux low-light capability. It is water-proof, includes an anti-glare sun shield, and one-way audio (from camera to monitor). The Sony 1/3” CCD image sensor's resolution is rated at 700 lines and the housing is made of die-cast aluminum. Extra cameras are in stock and available for purchase -- the monitor can connect to two cameras.

    -- Also includes 65-feet of plug-and-play video/power cable. The single cable carries the video signal from the camera, and provides power to the camera. Hookup could not be easier: Plug monitor into 12-volt cigarette lighter socket (or connect to fuse block and reverse lights with included harness) and then plug camera into monitor.

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