Heavy-Duty Blind Zone Camera System

Heavy-Duty Blind Zone Camera System
    Code: OBS713RCM
    Price: $545.00
    Shipping Weight: 5.50 pounds
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    ASA Electronics has introduced the Voyager OBS713RCM Heavy Duty Blind Zone Camera System to the heavy truck market.

    The new system comes with a durable seven-inch heavy-duty LCD monitor, a right side high-performance camera, a monitor mount, and 25 feet of cabling.

    The system was designed to help truck drivers overcome blind areas and conquer dangerous driving maneuvers such as backing up, changing lanes, merging and making wide right turns.

    The system's waterproof/dustproof color LCD monitor delivers clear, high quality color images of the truck's surrounding areas to the driver and can be paired with up to three cameras. It can be activated by DC triggers such as 12-volt impulses, including the left/right blinkers and the reverse gear. It also features an integrated audio speaker, backlit, easy-to-use controls, manual or automatic source selection, day/night brightness modes, and on screen display (OSD) for AV source, picture adjustment and volume control.

    The slim monitor also features an anti-glare/anti-scratch protective lens and offers 12-volt and 24-volt system compatibility, circuit protection, and a completely sealed housing, which prevents moisture and dust from penetrating the inner components and circuitry.

    The OBS713RCM Side Camera System also includes a sealed, waterproof Voyager color right side CMOS camera in chrome housing, which offers drivers the ability to see well beyond the normal scope of vision provided by conventional mirrors. Since the monitor is three camera-capable, additional cameras can be added to the system if desired.

    This camera features wide viewing angles and CMOS technology, which allows for increased picture quality, enhanced nighttime and daytime vision, and a decrease in camera size. When paired with the seven-inch monitor, it delivers real-time images that help eliminate road vision limitations.

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