TRIPLEVISION 7" 4 channel monitor

TRIPLEVISION 7" 4 channel monitor
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    TRIPLEVISION 7" 4 channel color LCD monitor. The three camera inputs are the standard triple vision connectors which use standard TRIPLEVISION Cables and the CC82 Rear camera, CC45R and CC45L side cameras. The 4th input is an A/V input which uses RCA connectors.

    • Application of 7.0" WIDE TFT LCD with high resolution and low reflection
    • All functions displayed on screen (OSD function)
    • 7 Language display section
    • Picture quality control (PWM control)
    • Operates from DC 12V to DC 24V
    • Dimmer selection function
    • 4 channel (3 camera inputs and 1 A/V input)
    • Wireless remote controller
    • Dimensions: 7.9"W x 4.75"H x 1.2"D