SPECIAL PURCHASE: Voyager 7" Color Backup Camera System

SPECIAL PURCHASE: Voyager 7" Color Backup Camera System
    Code: VOS7MDCL10B
    Price: $280.00
    Shipping Weight: 7.00 pounds
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    SPECIAL PURCHASE! Complete Voyager 7" Color Backup Camera System for $280!

    This is a brand new system with full-factory warranty support. We are one of Voyager's largest distributors. We were able to secure this price by purchasing a very large quantity of these systems.

    The system consists of:

    AOM713 Voyager 3-channel 7" LCD: This is my personal favorite of Voyager's monitors. It has a failure rate that approraches zero and has the brightest and clearest image of any of their monitors.
    VCMS10B Voyager Color Rear Camera: Voyager calls this their "tough cam". It is a very strong camera with excellent performance.
    CEC75 Cable -- 75' cable to go between the camera and the monitor.
    72704 4" monitor pedestal bracket.

    Please don't ask us to make any substitutions or provide any aditional discounts. At this price we simply don't have that sort of flexibility. However, you can add on to it using the "Related Items" listed below -- or any other Voyager-compatible cameras and accessories. Please contact us if you need assistance.