audiovox gps

audiovox� npd5200 high speed sd-card-based navigation computer

 (replaces npd5700 and npd5500..... compatible only with jenson vr187 and voyager aom7694 (reve or later) monitors)



the all-new, state-of-the-art vdo� npd5200 gps navigation system is the perfect road map to high quality rv navigation. when paired with a voyager� observation monitor like the vr187 or the aom7694 pictured above, the npd5200 provides full color navigation, split screen capabilities, voice guidance, turn-by-turn pictogram, speed sensors, and an integrated traffic information receiver!


the npd5200 is more compact and user-friendly than previous models and features a brand new set of system upgrades. instead of the typical dvd, this unit utilizes sd cards for north american map data. this convenient feature eliminates

the hassle of trying to change out multiple dvd discs while out on the road. the npd5200 can also be stored out of the way in any location and can be horizontally or vertically mounted depending on your application needs.


in addition to these key features, the npd5200 provides numerous �points of interest�, including destinations such as pharmacies, banks, atms, airports, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, golf courses, fuling stations, and other tourist locations.


with the integrated tmc (traffic) receiver, the npd5200 also shows helpful details about current traffic situations along the route, including distance to the traffic situation, length of it, location, and expected delay.


so go ahead and throw away that crunched up map under the passenger seat and rely on the vdo� npd5200 gps navigation system instead. after all, shouldn�t traveling be safe and worry free?


key features:

- pictogram and voice guidance

- route criteria

- 12 languages with 21 voices

- dynamic navigation

- calculation alternative route (automatic, manual)

- traffic information (with integrated tmc receiver)

- 2d/3d map view / split screen

- 3d angle adjustment

- panorama 3d view

- colorful map presentation with adjustable scale

- 6 color settings with day / night switch

- address book for minimum 200 entries

- last destinations: 20

- via points: 25

- trip computer

- selectable status info. for three info status lines

- speed dependent volume control (sdvc)

- demo mode

- dimensions:

                132mm w x 120mm d x 37mm h


this unit includes navteq v2007/2008 maps on sd card and cd-rom. the next map update will be v2009/2010 and it is expected to be released in late 2009. to purchase map updates contact siemensvdo at (610) 366-8489. cost of map updates on sd card is expected to be $149 (according to siemensvdo).